by Kurt on June 14, 2012

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Carmine Bossed in Bed by Hairy Austin
It is super hot seeing a hot, hairy, mature dude with a younger Latin twink.

Carmine really responded to Austin’s fatherly presence! Most viewers would categorize Carmine as a bottom, especially with his bubbly Puerto Rican ass, but he really just likes to please whoever he is with. But he is fairly passive, so bottoming works for him. 7194458530

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Dongola kid

by Kurt on June 9, 2012

Studs' Grand Orgy Getaway

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Studs' Grand Orgy Getaway
Buffed and tattooed Jessie Colter attracts a group of hot studs who are all keen to play. They huddle around in a cock worshipping circle, stroking and jerking each other as they watch Derek getting groped and having his stiff staff sucked by all the guys. He is pierced, ripped, tattooed, bearded and hairy: just what all the guys were looking for. His long perfect cock deserves the attention, and they all give it to him. (717) 516-4325

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by Kurt on June 8, 2012

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Needing a break from the manual labor, horny and sexy Chris Tyler checks on his stunning buddy Brian Bonds. The sexy mechanic is finishing up when he turns around and sees Chris crankin’ his big shaft. Pleasantly surprised and feeling pretty frisky himself, Brian is eager to get down on his knees to siphon Chris’ hose. The muscled brunet is soon breathing deeply and reeling with pleasure as he enjoys the expert blowjob. Then anxious to feed as well, Chris buries his face in Brian’s crotch and begins to service him. Fast and steady like a well-oiled piston, his head bobs up and down as he sucks his partner’s cock. The action ramps up when the guys take turns fucking each other. Chris goes first and then Brian with both of them working so hard that their muscled bodies are soon glistening with sweat. Then balanced atop a stool with Brian still pounding him, Chris beats his meat until he cums. Brian quickly follows, finally pulling out to blast his creamy load. Click here to watch or download full length video…

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by Kurt on June 7, 2012

Furry Horned-Up Lad Paco Serviced by JJ

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Furry Horned-Up Lad Paco Serviced by JJ
Paco is a tough teacher. In this movie he really puts JJ through his paces. He is going to teach this guy to suck if it kills him.

Paco does no hold back, he slaps JJ, yells at him in Spanish ( its is Puerto Rican on Puerto Rican after all), doesn’t tolerate JJ getting lazy or his complaining that his jaw gets sore from sucking so much.
He hired Paco to be JJ’s Drill Sargent and boy does he. He even drills JJ’s throat against his will…throat rape comes to mind! Click here to watch or download full length video…